Heavenly Conquerors (season two)

Heavenly Conquerors (season two)

A spiritual warfare, the heavenly conquerors assigned on missions to help the mortals on the earth.

Heavenly Conquerors (season two)
  • HC-S2-E1

    Violet searching for love online, she is rebelling against her dad.

  • HC-S2-E2

    Trent Rally is a rock singer who needs deliverance while his sister Kira will continue to pray for Trent and his drug addiction.

  • HC-S2-E3

    Victoria on a search for friends, she is the smartest girl at the school. Mean girls Kate and Lisa bullied Victoria out of envy for a boy. Victoria and Ava share a good friendship and later Victoria met a guy named Jake.

  • HC-S2-E4

    Matthew Davis has been on dialysis for 5 years. He is losing his faith by wanting a miracle to happen right away.

  • HC-S2-E5

    Party girl Karen will learn a lesson at her bachelorette party.

  • HC-S2-E6

    Kaitlyn flying on the airplane for the first time, she will learn not to talk to strangers.